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Syphon Technica

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Top of the range Syphon from leading Japanese coffee technologists. First developed in the 19th century, as a fast and clean method of brewing. Now it is the on trend fashion for anyone looking to up there coffee game. 

Adored by design aesthetes and coffee control freaks alike, the Syphon’s precise science of expanding and contracting air pressure allows you to experiment with every segment of the brewing process; including the grind, water temperature, to the brew time and quantity produced.

The Hario filter is designed to deliver clean taste and unparalleled purity – we’d recommend trying with our Rwanda Single-Origin Coffee, to highlight this coffee’s complex character and clarity of flavour.

The Syphon, in three steps:

- Add the desired amount of water to the lower chamber and light the flame, watching the water bubble through into the upper chamber.

- Add the coffee to the water, and mix well with the stirrer.

- Extinguish the flame- as the coffee cools it will be drawn back into the lower chamber, ready to pour and enjoy.

Suitable for Espresso Grind Coffee 

Suggested coffee pairing: Rwanda Single-Origin Coffee
Recommended coffee grind: Espresso.